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Membrane Transport Proteins and Pharmacogenomics

Transporters play critical roles in the absorption, disposition, and elimination of numerous drugs that are in clinical use. Alterations in the expression and function of these transporters may significantly contribute to drug pharmacokinetics and the interindividual variability of drug response. Our research aims to unravel genetic and non-genetic factors that affect transporter expression and function. The long-term goal is to explore the impact of transporter Pharmacogenomics in disease cohorts already available at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology.
Major Projects
  • Molecular cell biology of drug transporters
  • Functional characterization of drug transporters
  • Pharmacogenomics of drug transporters
Prof. Dr. Anne Nies

phone: ++49-711-8101 3729

Selected References
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Curriculum Vitae Anne Nies, PhD

Head Membrane Transport Proteins

Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology
Auerbachstrasse 112
70376 Stuttgart Germany
phone: ++49-711-8101 3729
fax: ++49-711-859295
Education and Professional Career
1984-1990 Studies of Biology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany
1990 Diploma in Biology, University of Düsseldorf
1990-1993 PhD thesis in Biology, University of Düsseldorf
1993 Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) in Biology, University of Düsseldorf, on transport and metabolism of urate in the hepatopancreas of the lobster
1994-1996 Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft at Tufts University, Department of Physiology (Boston, MA, USA), on the biochemistry und molecular biology of P-glycoprotein and other hepatic transport systems
1996-2007 Senior Research Scientist at the German Cancer Research Center, Division of Tumor Biochemistry, Heidelberg, Germany.
Research area: Molecular cell biology of ATP-dependent efflux pumps and uptake transporters in the plasma membrane
2004 Habilitation and venia legendi in Biochemistry, University of Heidelberg Medical School
Since 2007 Senior Group Leader and Head of Membrane Transport Proteins, Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart, Germany
Since 2008 Venia legendi in Biochemical Pharmacology, University of Tübingen Medical School, Germany
2014 Extraordinary professorship at the University of Tübingen Medical School